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Unpacking of goods

Unpacking is as tedious task as is packing. However the tedious task becomes easy with the aid of the packers and movers. The end of the job of the movers simply imply the beginning of the work of unpackers. The unpacking services helps a person to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible. Professional unpacking services include not only the unpacking of boxes but also the complete removal of packing materials following the unloading process.

The unpackers, unpack the goods clean and wash it and then arrange them in a proper way or as directed by the customer. When the items are in bulk or there is lot of delicate items there service proves to be useful. They remove the packing materials thereby relieving a person of an extra task. The damaged items are kept separately which can be later used as a proof for insurance claims.

The service providers also compares the final inventory with the initial inventory to make sure that no item is missing. The unpackers unpack the goods either on their own or on the customers specifications.

In a nutshell the services provided by the unpackers are :

  • Removing items from the boxes.
  • Wiping and cleaning the shelves and placing books or other objects on it.
  • Disposing the rubbish items.
  • Furnitures are positioned as desired by the clients.
  • Food items are placed in pantry or refrigerator.
  • Clothes after being unpacked are properly placed in cupboards etc.

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